Weightless Collection Eyelashes


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The complete FlutterHabit Weightless Collection is now available in one sample box. The best way to find your perfect style for each of your desired looks. 

Contains 1 pair of each style in our new Weightless collection. 

Weightless No. 1 Shorties, but fuller.

Weightless No. 2 - The Sweetheart, but fuller.

Weightless No. 3 - Our clustered, subtle cat-eye lash.

Weightless No. 4 - Our longest, fluffiest, cat-eye lash.

Weightless No. 5 - Our spiked, full drama lash.

Weightless No. 6 - Our longest, most dramatic lash.

Includes six sets of lashes, each lasting up to 5 days. Adhesive sold separately.