The Collection Eyelashes


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The complete FlutterHabit Classic Collection is now available in one sample box. The best way to find your perfect style for each of your desired looks. 

Contains 1 pair of each style in our new, beautiful collection package. 

The Flirt - More volume, more curl, more drama! If you’re looking for a flirty style that brings the drama, The Flirt is the one for you. Replace that full set of extensions for a pack of The Flirts - you won’t be disappointed.

The Original - The Original lash is the style that started it all. Between the length, fullness and doll-eye shape, they pack a punch with every eyelash flutter.

The Happy (Medium) - Are The Originals a bit too much, but the Shorties aren’t enough? The Happy (Medium) is that perfect in between. These lashes are doll-eyed and work great with or without makeup for that “ready when you wake up” ease.

The Sweetheart - A sweet lash with just a hint of drama for those that prefer their lashes more natural. The Sweethearts are between the Shorties and The Happy Medium in length, with added curl for extra sass.

Shorties - Comfortable, casual and perfect for an, “I just threw on mascara” look. The best part? They’re so light weight, you’ll forget you have them on (until you don’t have to take off your mascara at night!)

The Wink - If a cat-eye look is more your style, The Wink is the one for you. With a perfect gradual length increase from inner to outer corner, you’ll be rocking the perfect winged look, with or without liner.

Includes six sets of lashes, each lasting up to 5 days. Adhesive sold separately.